When McKinsey Comes to Town

by Walt Bogdanich & Michael Forsythe


Business; Society



Published by Vintage Publishing

Published October 2023

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The Hidden Influence of the World’s Most Powerful Consulting Firm

An explosive expose of a firm whose work has made your world more unequal, more corrupt and more dangerous.

McKinsey & Company have earned billions consulting for almost every major corporation in the world – and countless governments, including yours. Shielded by NDAs, their practices have remained hidden – until now.

In this propulsive investigation, prize-winning journalists Walt Bogdanich and Michael Forsythe reveal the disturbing reality. McKinsey’s work includes ruthless cuts to the NHS, troubleshooting for Big Oil, incentivising the prescription of opioids, executing Trump’s immigration policies (the ones that put children in cages) as well as advising some of the world’s most unsavoury despots.

‘A story of secrecy, delusion and untold harm’ OBSERVER

‘Makes you so angry…the evidence the authors winkle out is astonishing’ SUNDAY TIMES

‘Panoramic, meticulously reported and ultimately devastating’ PATRICK RADDEN KEEFE

‘A harrowing account of decades of dishonourable exploits’ ECONOMIST

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