What They Don’t Teach You About Money

by Claer Barrett


Lifestyle; Business



Published by Ebury Publishing

Published March 2023

Books > Business > Lifestyle

Seven Habits to Unlock Financial Independence

A short and indispensable whistle-stop tour through the most efficient habits that unlock financial independence from beloved money-agony-aunt Claer Barrett.

Get to the bottom of the most common money issues via unpicking the psychology behind them – how they reel us in, why we feel we have to keep up with the Joneses and why get-rich-quick schemes are so alluring.

What They Don’t Teach You About Money will banish your lack of confidence in money matters and make you laugh along the way! It is a call to arms to reclaim your power and make your money work for you, without the shaming finger-wagging or headache-inducing jargon.

Claer Barrett will unveil the reasons why so many of us lack confidence, and why we stay stuck in financial paralysis. From revealing what ‘credit’ really means (spoiler alert, it’s not as positive as they’d like you to think) to the lie that you can easily make money off crypto, she’ll debunk the pervasive money myths perpetuated by those who profit the most from our ignorance.

It shouldn’t be this hard. In fact, there are simple steps we can all take to streamline our finance admin. Habits that get us the best deals and make our money work harder for us, rather than bolstering the coffers of others.

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