Luma and the Grumpy Dragon

by Leah Mohammed





Published by Wellbeck Publishing Group

Published February 2023

Luma’s best friend in the world is her pet Timir, who looks like a puppy most of the time… except when he turns into a baby dragon.

Luma is so excited to see her new friend Ella. But Timir is very grumpy. Even though he has never met Luma’s new friend, he already knows he does not like her – and is determined to cause trouble!

Meanwhile there’s great excitement next door as it’s Nani’s birthday. Luma and Timir race to Nani’s back door, arms loaded with gifts. But Nani is worried as Zayan, her dragon, hasn’t come to visit her. And he’s never missed a birthday before. Can Luma and Timir track Zayan down – and help to make Nani’s birthday extra special?

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