Keir Starmer

by Tom Baldwin


Biography; History; Politics



Published by HarperCollins Publishers

Published February 2024

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The Biography

Keir Starmer: The Biography is an authoritative study of a man who now stands on the brink of becoming Britain’s next Prime Minister. If he succeeds, Starmer will be the first Labour leader in a generation to win power, even though most voters still say they don’t know much about him.

It not only tells Starmer’s story but also examines the paradox of a politician often uncomfortable with politics, someone who is both remarkably ordinary and capable of defying all efforts to define him.

Intended for publication in the foothills of a General Election campaign where all aspects of his life will come under the most intense scrutiny, the book is the result of more than a hundred hours of interviews with Starmer himself, his family, his closest friends, his most senior lieutenants, as well as opponents both from the Conservative Party and within his own.

The book offers readers a fuller picture of his working class family and education, the values that drove him on through a career as a lawyer and public prosecutor, as well as his record since entering politics.

It provides new detail about the role he played in bitter battles over Brexit and antisemitism, shows how he has transformed his party’s fortunes, and offers insight about the way he would govern if he enters Downing Street in what will be the most straitened circumstances facing any new Prime Minister since the end of the Second World War.

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