Cursed Bread

by Sophie Mackintosh


Fiction; Crime; Science-Fiction



Published by Penguin Books Ltd

Published January 2024

From the Booker Prize-nominated author of The Water Cure comes a chilling new feminist fable based on the true story of an unsolved mystery.

Audacious and mesmerising, Cursed Bread is a darkly erotic tale of a town gripped by madness, envy like poison in the blood, and desire that burns and consumes. Elodie is the baker’s wife: plain, unremarkable and unappreciated, she is desperate to escape her dull, small-town life. One day a charismatic new couple appear in the neighbourhood and Elodie quickly falls under their spell.

All summer long she stalks them through the shining streets: inviting herself into their home, eavesdropping on their conversations, longing to possess them.

Meanwhile, beneath the tranquil surface of daily life, strange things are happening. The animals expire in the fields for no reason. Ghosts are sighted after dark. A dark intoxication is spreading through the town, and when Elodie finally understands her role in it, it will be too late to stop.

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