Beth Chatto’s Green Tapestry Revisited

by Beth Chatto, Steven Wooster, Julia Boulton





Published by Berry & Co.

Published September 2021

There are few plantswomen as well respected as Beth Chatto and, thirty years after the creation of her gardens at Elmstead Market, near Colchester, she published The Green Tapestry, detailing her gardening experiences and explaining her choice of perennial plants. Another thirty years on and, although Beth Chatto is no longer with us, David Ward and Asa Gregers-Warg – both of whom worked alongside Beth – provide us with this updated guide to her gardens and planting style.

Beth Chatto’s ethos of ‘right plant, right place’ and her sustainable, nature-lead approach are particularly relevant today. This book, which features a foreword by Julia Boulton (Beth’s granddaughter and CEO of Beth Chatto’s Plants and Gardens) and specially commissioned photographs by Steven Wooster, is a must-have for gardeners and perennial plant enthusiasts of every generation.


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