Appointment with Yesterday

by Celia Fremlin





Published by Faber & Faber

Published June 2024

FOUND IN FLAT was all she could see of the headline, but it was enough: enough to freeze her hovering hand …

Milly Barnes has just arrived in the seaside town of Seacliffe. Between windswept walks on the beach, she settles into lodgings and finds work as a Daily Help. Except this isn’t her real name – ‘Milly’ is on the run from her past life, escaping a nightmare marriage.

Abandoned by her first husband for another woman, she took revenge by marrying Gilbert: but this proved a terrible mistake. Trapped in a London basement flat, she became a victim of his increasingly paranoid delusions. But what really happened in that underground dungeon? And is somebody on her trail, the hunter in a game of cat-and-mouse …?

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