A Dog Day

by Walter Emanuel


Science; Humour; Gift



Published by Profile Books Ltd

Published November 2022

Books > Gift > Humour > Science

A hilarious and heart-warming classic for all ages

‘Quite the best dog story ever written’ Guardian ‘One of my favourite books of all time’ Jilly Cooper 1.25pm. Upstairs into dining-room. Family not finished lunch yet. Young Mr Brown throws a bread pellet at me, hitting me on the nozzle. An insult. I swallow the insult. A Dog Day is narrated by a lovable scamp of a terrier as he goes about his day rolling in mud, eating what he shouldn’t, and generally wreaking havoc – all while keeping the Brown household wrapped around his paw. Featuring Cecil Aldin’s delightful original illustrations, A Dog Day is filled with warmth, humour and more than a little bit of mischief. First published in 1902, it’s a timeless classic that continues to enchant readers of all ages.

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